Three Months & Counting . . .

Tomorrow is February 1st which means three more months till my 50th birthday. Recently when I mention I’m turning 50, older people will say “oh you are just a baby” and after being annoyed for a few seconds, my thought is I don’t think they felt that way when they turned fifty. Once we entered 2019, I told myself I’d write down pertinent thoughts as each month goes by in regard to turning the big “5-0”.

I’d like to say it is just another birthday but it is not. At 50, your life is more than likely half done – I guess I’d leave it at that. That reality hits you hard. Yes, age is just a number but it’s a BIG number. There is no way to sugar coat it except that you better hurry up and start to do some of those things that you always talk about doing!

So ….. my revelations (or random thoughts) this month are as follows:

– Never stop learning and growing. You need to have a passion or purpose and explore it to the fullest. This means you need to put yourself outside your comfort zone at times which never gets easier (despite the 50 years!).

– You can’t take yourself seriously. Ok, this sort of goes back to the “outside your comfort zone” line but you have to put yourself out there and you must have the ability to laugh at yourself. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you will carry quite a bit of angst.

– You must remain open and present. Meaning that you have to be open to new friendships, new ideas and potential opportunities. You may find yourself going down a path that doesn’t work for you but you also may find yourself going down a path full of new possibilities and adventure.

– You will find new lines and wrinkles (all over), you will hold magazines further from your eyes and pluck an occasional white eyebrow hair (what the heck is that?!) but all in all be grateful for your healthy body.

– Your attention span is a tad shorter and this is why I will end my train-of-thoughts right here for the time being.

Stay tuned. Three more months and counting . . . .

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