The Glamorous Life of a Gym Rat

Updated: May 21, 2020

So I don’t consider myself a “gym rat” so to speak but I prefer to be referred to as a person who likes to work out a lot and spends a significant amount of time in the gym. Today, when I had finished my work out which included heavy lifting, I needed to get my protein in before my next client . . . and as I poured the contents of the protein powder packet into my water bottle while holding my arm outside the open car door in freezing cold . . I thought to myself . . . this is so flipping crazy. We work out to look good but a majority of the time, us “gym rats” have dirty hair, sweaty clothes, and some form of protein powder on our pants, shirts, and in my case, all over the arm sleeve of my coat. When training for fitness shows, we eat five times a day at a minimum. Consequently, I’ve consumed asparagus and chicken out of a plastic bag in my car numerous times. Inevitably, I’m driving and digging underneath my seat for the dropped asparagus or reaching for a napkin but out of desperation using my leggings. Fitness truly is not a glamorous hobby or job. I do not look like the girls on the cover of fitness magazines with fluffy hair and cool work out clothes. Many times, I go days without washing my hair because I’m scheduled to teach class at night so why bother? Dry shampoo is my best friend. Some days I don’t even put real pants on! A “gym rat” is defined as “someone who spends all leisure time playing sports or working out in a gymnasium or health spa, addict, freak, junky, junky nut – someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction.” I’m not sure if I’m offended by this definition but on the other hand, if a driver went by while I was pouring protein powder all over my extended arm . . they probably would have said “look at that freak” . . . I know I would.

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