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Fit Impressions has been in business for eight years as of August 2020. What started as a fulfilling “part-time” gig has blossomed into a business I never saw coming.  I’m proud to say I have worked with women from ages 16 to 68. In my eight years of personal training and consulting, I have found that every single woman I have worked with has different needs and goals. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Thus why I do not take a “cookie cutter” approach to my clients. I take each invidual’s needs, personality, lifestyle and goals into consideration when writing a workout and wellness plan. I believe that my dedication and attention to detail that I give all my clients is what sets me apart from other coaches. I'm also versed in pilates, barre and strength training which brings variety to all my one-on-one sessions with my clients.

I believe in a healthy lifestyle and a healthy balance. I’m not a trainer that believes every lady should be a Size 2. I believe we should love our bodies no matter what size it is as long as we can move that body with strength and grace. I believe we should take a healthy approach to our every day diet incorporating fruits, vegetables and whole food nutrition while allowing for an occasional treat and/or sweets.  I do not believe we need to do nonstop cardio or lift unreasonably heavy weights to achieve our goals. I believe that every women MUST take time out for herself in order to be a better mother, wife, daughter and/or friend. 

Is it easy to change our habits? No, it is not. Are we perfect all the time? No, we are not. But I can help show you the path to balance and help you feel strong and healthy in your beautiful body.









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Functional workouts to make you lean and strong


Learn to incorporate a healthy, fit and manageable lifestyle into your life


Develop a balanced, clean eating nutrition plan that is quick,

easy and sustainable


Learn how to take time for yourself and understand why self care needs to be a priority.

My Studio

My Studio

Fit Impressions, LLC is a small boutique fitness studio located in Cheshire, CT which offers one-on-one personal training, group training and pilates equipment training.  My studio provides a warm, comfortable atmosphere to train in and caters to women who do not like "big box" gyms. 

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Outside Boot Camp

Wednesdays @ 6:15 PM


My Studio Services

Working out with Kelly has been wonderful! I've seen great improvements in my stamina & mobility. Her workouts are great at toning the whole body. Kelly is also very helpful with nutrition suggestions and health overall!

 - Sharon C

Kelly is very kind and supportive. She is a great listener. She will push you, but not in a way that puts you off.  She is always cognizant of my injuries and modifies the exercises.  My strength, endurance and flexibility has improved under her coaching

-Lyne L

Genuine. This is the word that comes to mind to describe Kelly. I've benefitted from both personal and small group training with Kelly for several years. She consistently takes the time and care to understand my needs and objectives. Kelly practices continuous self- development and eagerly shares her knowledge, expertise, and her own personal story to educate, motivate and get results. Through it all, Kelly keeps it real and isn't that what we all want in a trainer? I know, I do!

- Janice B




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Fit Impressions is located at 422-426 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT

Contact: 203-494-9259 or fitimpressions@yahoo.com